Why Video Is So Effective In Technical Hiring

November 15, 2023

Why Video Is So Effective In Technical Hiring?


It’s a fast-paced digital world, so why does recruitment remain the same for so many companies?

Your teams are building systems that transform your industry and push digital boundaries, so your recruitment needs to be tailored to you. After all, how can you change the game by remaining the same?

Here at F5 Consultants, we harness the power of video. And we really mean harness!

From start to finish, everything is bespoke, tailored video. From outreach to screening, to offering and succeeding, every stage involves video, and every stage is personal. Here’s why:


  1. Personalisation

Let’s be real. We’ve all been the recipient of a generic of a message template, often with the wrong name, the wrong job and a wider range of fonts than Microsoft Word has ever offered. We have adopted a “video-first” approach to connect with clients and candidates. By sending personalised video messages our consultants ensure that any outreach is relevant, emotional, and actually human. Your success is our success.


  1. Showcasing Company Culture

This is all about you, we’re here to show your best side (not that are any others!) and provide a glimpse of passion that you have for your work, providing candidates with insight into the organisation’s mission and vision. Such transparency helps candidates make informed decisions, and to share your enthusiasm for what you do!


  1. Assessing Soft Skills

People are so much more than a CV, a mantra that is often forgotten. Beyond the CV and qualifications, video interviews are excellent tools for assessing a candidate’s soft skills. Our consultants can gauge communication skills, professionalism, and cultural fit more accurately through video interactions. This is especially crucial in the tech industry, where teamwork and collaboration are vital.


  1. Time Efficiency

Video interviews save time for both consultants and candidates. Instead of scheduling in-person meetings, we can conduct preliminary interviews quickly and efficiently via video calls. This streamlines the recruitment process and ensures that only the most suitable candidates progress to the next stage, it’s a no brainer!





  1. Wider Reach

Video has the power to bridge geographical gaps. F5 Consultants can connect with tech talent from around the world, breaking down the limitations imposed by physical location (although the occasional client/talent scouting trip to Hawaii won’t go amiss!). This enables access to a broader talent pool, increasing the chances of finding the perfect fit for each client.


Now that we understand the benefits of using video in recruitment, here are the key values our consultants incorporate into this approach:


  1. Engaging Messages

When reaching out to candidates or clients, we ensure that video messages are engaging and concise. Clearly conveying our intentions, and in a friendly and professional tone to build trust.


  1. Video Interviews

Both consultants and candidates should be well-prepared for video interviews. We test the technology in advance, choose a quiet and well-lit space, and dress appropriately to create a professional impression.


  1. Maintain a Human Connection

Whilst video is a powerful tool, we remember to maintain the human touch. Our consultants personalise interactions and actively listen.


  1. Showcasing our Brand

We leverage video to showcase our agency’s brand and values. Share success stories, highlight the team, and provide insights into our company culture to attract top talent.



You can’t ever please everyone, but video allows us to do our absolute best to do so; both for clients and candidates alike. By introducing it at pivotal moments of the recruitment process, we aim to make everyone’s experience not just marginally better, but drastically more personal, informative and transparent. You may have seen others do it, but no one has done it quite like us!

Written by:

Kieran Gale

Managing Consultant

Kieran is our Software Development recruitment expert, with just over 3 years of technical recruitment experience. Nearly becoming a developer himself after studying computer science at university, Kieran has a fantastic ability to talk in great depth with his candidates and build trusted candidate networks. A huge fan of books, history, and Lacrosse.